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Saving our planet

Why Rebalance Earth?

Rebalance Earth is a social impact company and a global movement using innovative carbon offset markets as our "rebalance" mechanism to protect wildlife and enhance local communities. 

Along with business and governmental leaders around the globe we share a common desire to take a stand for nature.

Co-founded by serial entrepreneur and blockchain specialist, Walid Al Saqqaf, Assistant Director at the IMF, Ralph Chami, world renowned conservationist Ian Redmond, along with 60 volunteers, Rebalance Earth is a purpose driven company whose aim is to value, protect, and enhance biodiversity by reimagining the carbon offsetting markets.

Our Approach

We harness the growing carbon offsetting market to create a new flow of wealth by valuing the carbon services provided by keystone wildlife species, such as forest elephants. We partner with companies that have committed to a net zero carbon footprint.

Companies get trustworthy, transparent and traceable carbon offsets that protect wildlife, restore ecosystems and raise living standards for their human neighbours.


As a member of this community, you will get access to exclusive events with a host of intriguing guests from across different industries, including Conservation, Economy, Science and Technology.

This is your own community space where you can collaborate and share ideas with the hundreds of other guardians from around the world. 

We'll of course contribute some of our own too. 

As we continue to build Rebalance Earth, you will be amongst the first to hear the latest news, receive early access to our own industry insights and reports.

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